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Mirsaad for Agriculture is an Internet of Farming(IoF) solution that will be the most valuable resource for decision support in agriculture.


Mirsaad goal is to solve the most severe challenges facing agriculture which is achieving high crops yield utilizing the optimum water, fertilizers and pesticides. Mirsaad enables access to agro-climatic information that improves farming economics and prediction of yield based on big data analytics. Mirsaad can track the workers and equipment in the field and provide revenue assurance for the farm owners.

How it works?

Mirsaad solution gathers data such as soil moisture, air and soil temperature, air humidity, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, rain, water salinity and water ph. These data are sent in real time to the cloud where it is collected, analyzed and processed to provide complete insightful information in front of the decision makers.

Workers use wearable devices and equipment have BLE beacons and both are traceable through BLE beacons in the field.

Systems users can access historical data and customized statistics through any web browser. Mirsaad can also has customized alerts where any sensor data has control limits that are triggered when threshold is reached. The alerts are accessible through web, mobile or smart watch.

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